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The work created for #Areweallconnected Exhibition

AWAC is the work created by Bruno Cerasi to celebrate the end of Are We All Connected, the participatory exhibition co-created by more than 350 people.
The exhibition is the proof became from the very beginning the emotional pattern of the time we are living now.

Bruno Cerasi Are we all Connected? has created a work that perfectly reflects the invisible connection that blend all of us together right now.

A unique work created for this exhibition that is going to last for long.


Simple: the uniqueness of the work comes from the time we are all living and from the participation of people, that you can see on the map.

The artist has decided to show every single people’s special places. He then tried to answer the question: Are we all Connected?

Is actually the message to make the difference, a message that become stronger, even more inclusive and participative if we consider the hard time we are living now, where the connection between people become even more important.

The workAre we all Connected? represents the moment we are all living.

A moment today, that will be a milestones in the career of those artist that will make the story of the Art Market, tomorrow.





AWAC is the proof of what we have created online.

AWAC proves how people are constantly on the lookout for a fundamental element: social connections.

Aluminium and Neon
99 x 99 x 7 cm

Original work with certificate of authenticity


Original Print #AreWeAllConnected

Onstream Gallery wants to make art accessibile to everyone. This is why, the artist has decided to pay tribute to the exhibition by making a drawing that tells a story.
This drawing tells a story: the Earth, where each of us has shared his/her own special place, the Artist’s Constellation, and the Moon, which projects on itself our bright points. Three elements that blend boundaries and together they create that Symbiotic Universe called #areweallconnected.

€ 60

Giclée on Hahnemühle German Etching Paper
310 gsm
30 x 40 cm

Open Edition

Original work with certificate of authenticity

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Bruno Cerasi

ITALY, 1983

Born in Bologna in 1983, Bruno lives and works in Abruzzo. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in L’Aquila. In 2009, after a stroke, his artistic production undergoes a change.

Since then, he started investigating the invisible connections that blend people together.